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Thoughts on David Wallace’s Speech

Ten pages for one speech, I don’t know why that was shocking to me but it was. I guess I forget how much talking takes up space. Wallace’s speech was entertaining word for word though. I couldn’t agree more with what he said. Earlier today this old man broke down in the middle of an intersection and my dad, along with other people, got out to help push his truck to a safer area. The people in the truck behind us, who had seen my dad get out of the truck to help, started honking at us when they missed a green light because of us. It was apparent that they had the default mind set Wallace was talking about.

I also agreed with him talking about how in memory we are the center of everything. I never really thought of myself as self-centered but his examples kind of surprised me. It reminded me of how when a day is just going awful, people (myself included), tend to think the world is out to get them.

Mainly though, his section and I guess the idea throughout the speech that the freedom you have to think and the mindset you put yourself in is what education really is, not just an income. I realized I was was nodding my head to while reading it. The routine life we have as students, even if we’re not adults with nine-to-five jobs, can make us unaware of others around us and dig us in a rut of routine thinking. But either way, I loved the idea that while may feel at this moment that eight hours a day and five days a week can become tiresome, we’re getting more from it than just a degree. We’re gaining a mind of our own to continue expanding into college.  



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