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Students shielded from real world still happening?

After reading this article I was completely shocked and a little angry too if I might add.

These parents that are throwing a fit over books that helps teenagers to understand the up and down situations of real life are baffling. Ok I kinda take back the baffling part. I understand why parents want to shield their kids from knowledge of the troubles and ugly parts of the world/life (I think that’s a natural reaction for parents but there is a point where protecting becomes crippling or suffocating). However, I think that’s illogical because they’ll find out one way or another and probably from life experience.

These books may have content that is inappropriate but not everything you come in life is going to pleasing. Do they really want their kids reading books that don’t get them thinking about the differences and problems people go through in life? All of these books contain a theme within them that relate to humanity in some sort and I think it’s important for teenagers to be able to recognize ideas like that. Also, whether parents would like to realize it or not I’m guessing majority of their children already know what things like sex, drugs, racism, rape, and poverty are. And if not, I feel like that’s all the more reason to educate them on how those things interact with peoples lives.

I disagree with the district’s decision too if that already wasn’t apparent. Because really it’s silly to agree with the students parents when the students have 0 problems with reading these novels. When you think about it, all of the shows teenagers are watching include those dark aspects of life. So why is it that because it’s in black in white that parents have a problem with their kids reading it? Also, those aren’t just things that apply to adulthood. All of those can and do apply to teenagers lives daily.

They say ignorance is bliss but I really think in this case when parents are over-sheltering their children that they are preventing them from insight and independent thought.



3 thoughts on “Students shielded from real world still happening?

  1. So true. This article made me flat out angry and disgusted… I would go so far as to say that these kinds of books aren’t even inappropriate: if you really care about teaching a child–especially a teen–you really need to show them all sides of the world. “sex, drugs, racism, rape, and poverty” are all a part of the real world; how can you consider someone educated if they have never been exposed to these kinds of ideas? Overprotective parents are the worst.


    Posted by Ray | November 8, 2014, 5:48 am
    • Same! It’s all very backwoods to me that the parents got those books banned. And it’s honestly like what’s the point their children have already read the books–why make such a fuss over it? I think it’s very naive as a parent to realize that you’re children don’t know what those things are.


      Posted by theroarreed | November 8, 2014, 4:20 pm


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