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Brag a little?

Ehh I don’t really like to brag about myself buuuut I do think that it is important for everyone to realize that they have good qualities or have accomplished something.

Lately, I’ve been proud of myself for trying new things and getting out there more. What I mean by that is participating in activities I would usually skip or talking to people more. That may sound weird but usually if I’m not required to talk to people–I don’t feel the need to. And it’s been working out pretty well because within these past couple months I’ve created more memories and connections I wouldn’t have expected if I just sat on the sideline of things. And it feels good to look back and see that I tried for something or put more effort into doing new things

Also, I’m happy to say that this year I have been working on keeping the amount or stress school usually adds on to a minimum. I kinda realized that nothing is actually so important that it should be keeping you awake at night with anxiety that makes you feel sick to your stomach. And that is due to me keeping up with my work more, taking a study hall, and giving myself a break every once in a while. Most of the time school has me kept incredibly busy to the point where I’m not watching tv or drawing or doing any of the simple activities that I like to do. But every now and then I make the time to catch up on a couple of shows or even take naps after school when I’m feeling drained. Honestly, I think this is what has been keeping my school year more enjoyable than previous ones.

So far that’s what I feel like I’m doing good with.



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