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Half-way There

I was hesitant about English this year–it tends to be the hardest subject for me. I always end up stressing out late at night about how my essay is falling to pieces or  internally crying after leaving a timed writing but this year a few things were different. A few things right and maybe some wrong.

Worst things first. This semester we wrote a few process papers and honestly the papers were interesting to write; I actually enjoyed writing an essay more than usual. However, I realized I had more problems with grammar than I thought. After each essay I was left with an uneasiness, wondering if I needed to fix any errors–but of course it was too late by then. (And it’s kinda like yooo I should already know this, it’s basic grammar but come each essay it’s like I forgot all my English lessons) Next year I’m genuinely going to try harder to know what’s correct and incorrect. (Because that kind of thing is really important in an AP English class, you know? And in general.) Additionally, Imma be real when I say I read each book the day before the read-by date. I usually ended up thinking that I had more time than I did. However, I know next year our books are a hella-lot longer so I know I’ll have to plan that out a lot better.

On the flip-side, sooooooooooo many things about English so far have been awesome. I enjoy English class each day truly and I’m not just saying that to flatter you, Mr. Lindner. I ACTUALLY LIKE IT.  REALLY. For one, since we have so many timed writings I am not stressing a fraction as much the night before. I’m more comfortable writing them and I feel like I’m understanding what and what not to do on them. Another thing is I feel like I’m understanding rhetoric soooo much more, and how it applies to what we’re reading and doing in class. Also, the books we are reading I love, really. The Scarlet Letter and Huck Finn were amazing books. And I’m excited to read the rest of the things on our book list this year too.

All in all this has been the first time in English that I’ve enjoyed it, looked forward to the class, even after essays. I understand it only gets more challenging from here, but I feel like I’ll be able to take it on.



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