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Chien-Shung Wu = rad all around

Ok so Dr. Chien-Shung Wu was a pretty rad woman. She was a genius in science and was known as the “First Lady of physics” which is a top notch title if you had to have one.

She’s mainly recognized for her work on the manhattan project which consisted of her enriching uranium that made it possible to create large amounts of it for the bomb. Also, she was known for disapproving the Parity law by conducting an experiment of her own. Her experiment included a lot of science-y terms but basically she proved that mirror images don’t behave the same way. However, she was FREAKING OVERLOOKED and her two other (male) partners, Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang, received the Nobel prize in physics without any recognition to her contributions.

However, she went on to receive a hella lot of awards, (while I was reading about her I kept seeing the phrase “first woman ever to receive…”). She kind of set an unprecedented amount of accomplishments for women during her life. Along with her many many many awards, medals, and honorary doctorates, she wrote a book: beta decay. For the remainder of her job she continued to research at Columbia university until she retired. She was so many things, a teacher, scientist, author, women’s advocate, and now historical idol.

Honestly, she’s a pretty inspiring woman. The reason she ended up in America at all was because they didn’t offer a doctorates program in the field she was studying in China and she wanted even more knowledge about it. I think it’s really amazing for someone to be that passionate and then have their knowledge left behind for the world to study and learn by.




3 thoughts on “Chien-Shung Wu = rad all around

  1. Wow I’m so glad that this blog comes with guaranteed quality, like finally my dreams have come true. + I like your whole water/rain/drops/blue/aesthetic thing goin on; it’s very choice. ++ for gettin sassy with the whole “My Obligation thing” (also choice). So ANYWAYS I have to concur that Chein-Shung Wu was a rad babe. It’s amazing what she was able to accomplish in a society that was so oppressive towards women. (like i’d probably just pout and be like “that’s lame, and then give up) And it IS inspiring that she moved to a completely different country in pursuit of knowledge and her passions. I think we need more women in the world like Chein.
    k bye


    Posted by VERBALMANIA | February 21, 2015, 5:34 pm
    • Wow thats really nice, thank you. Funny story about the guaranteed quality name, I chose that off of the back of a water bottle, but I’m glad you like it! Yeah Wu was awesome, I think its great that already back then, in a time of sexism, women were setting higher standards to inspire other women.


      Posted by theroarreed | February 21, 2015, 5:39 pm


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