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Hollow Men

First off this poem was really intense.

I mainly took a connection to Gatsby with the talk of Hollow Men and the heads filled with straw. Straw is meaningless and cheap; I related that to the shallow-ness of the people in Gatsby who don’t have any real cares, mainly Daisy and Jordan. Also the meaningless talk, Daisy always says things she doesn’t care about and Jordan constantly lies about ridiculous things. I think both Fitzgerald and Eliot view the lifestyle of the 20’s as ridiculous. They both saw the outrageousness to the over-the-top, gluttonous lifestyle. I definitely feel like Elliot’s tone was darker than Fitzgerald’s. In Elliot’s he made it seem like there was no hope for people.

As for imagery, there’s like oodles and oodles of it. But what stuck out to me was the cactus land, the dead land. It brings to mind waste, and potential I guess because cactus usually hold water inside, so maybe he was hinting at some sort of revival. Although that kind of contradicts my earlier statement or him talking about no hope . It adds to the whole idea that the lifestyle they’re living is incredibly wasteful, cacti grow in deserts which I’m connecting to a wasteland (hope I’m not stretching this too far) and it’s not good.

I like this poem, I still feel like there’s probably a million things to discuss about it and learn about it though.




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