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Cash money video

This video was really interesting. I honestly didn’t know very much about how money was shared in the United States and now that I do it’s kind of sickening.

Along with being interesting, this video had a lot of cool effects going on in it. First off, this video was incredibly visually effective. It was really easy to understand the information shown. Most of the video relied on facts, ratios and graphs of money comparisons. Additionally though, even if majority of what I saw was fact, the video did have components connecting the viewer emotionally. There was a poverty line that showed how bad off the poverty was in the U.S. and seeing how far that was placed compared to how much money was placed in a few people left an impact. Additionally, showing how people thought the money was spread compared to how it actually was and finding out that the condition is worse off than people know was pretty mind blowing.

Comparing that video to The Great Gatsby, increased how much meaning I had originally taken from the book. Seeing that video and then realizing how over the top their lifestyle was really gets Fitzgerald’s point across of the gluttony of the 1920’s. Also, after watching that video and then finishing Grapes of Wrath increased the impact of the book for me too. Seeing the financial struggle of the Joad’s and others of that book was really put into perspective by the video. I could really understand how bad the condition of the Okies were.

Besides the deeper aspects of the video, it was hella nice to watch. The design layout was amazing.



3 thoughts on “Cash money video

  1. I agree so much with the nice graphics. They were awesome and that really draws in an audience! I think it is incredibly important for graphics to be well made and interesting to the viewer because otherwise good information can go unrecognized due to the crappy nature of the video itself. Also, although understanding the lifestyle of the rich and famous or extremely poor without living is impossible, this video did a great job of helping out and I like that you pointed that out. The Okies had it hard, man. Perspective is necessary. Thanks for the awesome post.


    Posted by myspokensilence | February 20, 2015, 7:30 am
  2. You couldn’t have described those mind-blowing statistics better. From the video, it seem almost an advantage to leave people in ignorance so that they don’t have to see exactly how unfair wealth distribution has become. Of course, things never really were much better (medieval kings and gilded age capitalists don’t exactly fit into that ideal curve), but it is still surprising to see that in America, a country known for equality and fairness for all, there is not a better situation.


    Posted by ijtrem | February 21, 2015, 3:55 am


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