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Ok so this is a really great prompt. I like it a lot. However, you’re not going to believe me when I say I don’t recall ever buying my own music.

No joke, I’ve always been given iTunes gift cards or CDs in general. I’ve thought about it for a good 10 minutes and I have come to the conclusion that I have actually never bought myself music. Part of that I blame on being too young to care about CDs when I could get barbies or something like that when I was little. And the other part of that I blame on spotify. I don’t necessarily need to buy myself music when it’s on my device. (Uuuhhh technology and apps getting in the way of a good blog prompt)

I kinda feel like I need to go by myself my own music now. Because that’s really lame. Ok so since I haven’t bought myself music, I’ll tell you what I would buy/spend my own money on. It would be Marina and The Diamonds two albums (her third one isn’t out quite yet-so close). I would buy her music because it’s sassy as all get out, and I actually love every single one of her songs. There is seriously not a song of hers I’m not obsessed with. I doubt my mom or dad would enjoy her music but that’s the usual. Ummm, what else? Funny enough, I didn’t come across her music on my own, my best friend Maddi texted me one day and was like “hey I think you would like her”. So I checked it out and years later she’s still my favorite artist.

Sorry this isn’t what it should’ve been, I do plan on buying her CDs now because I’m hella ashamed that I haven’t bought my own music.



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