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Vry lttr but 

Cats grow into furry, sassy, animals. Cats grow old and watch birds fly or possibly a rat, who knows what cats look at. Cats look for food. Cats purr for food from humans. Cats chow on fish, birds, and rats. But cats shouldn’t drink milk. Milk is for humans and other animals but not cats.  … Continue reading

Blog comments

1) https://englishiiiandfilm.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/on-the-topic-of-ou/comment-page-1/#comment-10 2) https://thatsoreagan.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/pets/comment-page-1/#comment-22 3)https://nameinthewind.wordpress.com/wp-comments-post.php

Long sentence

It is so cold in our school, and I’m seriously freezing; I have a jacket on, but it’s not enough; I need blankets and hot chocolate, and maybe even a fire pit; the school needs to realize we are not robots, and it needs to stop being so cheap, because the comfort of students learning … Continue reading


Ok so this is a really great prompt. I like it a lot. However, you’re not going to believe me when I say I don’t recall ever buying my own music. No joke, I’ve always been given iTunes gift cards or CDs in general. I’ve thought about it for a good 10 minutes and I … Continue reading

Cash money video

This video was really interesting. I honestly didn’t know very much about how money was shared in the United States and now that I do it’s kind of sickening. Along with being interesting, this video had a lot of cool effects going on in it. First off, this video was incredibly visually effective. It was … Continue reading

Hollow Men

First off this poem was really intense. I mainly took a connection to Gatsby with the talk of Hollow Men and the heads filled with straw. Straw is meaningless and cheap; I related that to the shallow-ness of the people in Gatsby who don’t have any real cares, mainly Daisy and Jordan. Also the meaningless … Continue reading

The Great Gatsby’s history tie-in

After reading this, this, and this, I learned that there’s probably endless amounts of information to be found about The Great Gatsby in the novel and surrounding it. I feel like the popularity of Gatsby, was similarly thrusted into approval the same way Huck Finn was– both, after waiting for a touchy time period to … Continue reading

Chien-Shung Wu = rad all around

Ok so Dr. Chien-Shung Wu was a pretty rad woman. She was a genius in science and was known as the “First Lady of physics” which is a top notch title if you had to have one. She’s mainly recognized for her work on the manhattan project which consisted of her enriching uranium that made … Continue reading

Half-way There

I was hesitant about English this year–it tends to be the hardest subject for me. I always end up stressing out late at night about how my essay is falling to pieces or  internally crying after leaving a timed writing but this year a few things were different. A few things right and maybe some wrong. … Continue reading

Thank goodness

Thanksgiving is coming around and I can’t wait for food (turkey, gravy, potatoes and pie, oh my) but also I can’t wait to spend the holiday with my family. And I know that thanksgiving is supposed to remind people of what they’re thankful so I’m gonna shout out to a couple of things I’m grateful … Continue reading